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Reasons We love our Fairy Tale Princesses

Fairy tales amuse everyone! Everyone! There is something about these tales that make you love them without any reason. It’s surreal, and everyone knows that except the little kids that the storm to the theatres to watch movies of these fairy tales. But, soon with age even they will know that these tales are only stories that are not true, and no one in reality even comes close to leading a life like those lived by our favorite princesses. Despite knowing that fairies and fantasy tales do not exist we still continue to love the princesses. What is it about them that is so irresistible and always remain attractive?

Castle in the Sky

We all love to build castles in the sky and palaces in mid air with no reality attached to it. This is exactly what princesses in fairy tales like Snow White and Cinderella did for us. They tell their fantastic happy ending tales with angelic fantasies that no mortal could ever experience. Who wouldn’t get addicted to that kind of enchantment?

Magic we know is a trick. There is no magic in the world. Princesses weave magic with their shoes like Cinderella the Disney princess, their red rosy apples like Snow White’s and their waking up with a kiss like Sleeping Beauty’s! These magic stories make us believe such a magic world exists, and maybe that’s why we hope such things will happen with us in life; they give us hope!

Bond with Nature
Noticed most princesses have lived close to nature. Like Snow White, the Disney princess lived in the woods and Rapunzel in a tower in the forest. This closeness to nature and the biting of fresh apples given by witches in the middle of hatched roof houses creates an aura. No actor in any movie, even a fairy tale movie can create that aura that the childhood fairy tale made us visualize in our heads.

Every Disney princess wears beautiful long gowns and dresses. The flounce and bounce of these dresses cannot be matched even in looks by any big designer today. The recent movie Frozen saw the lovely Anna. The Anna coronation dress is  very popular. All teenage and young girls want to own at least one Anna dress and secretly wish to be gifted one.
Now you know why love every Disney Princess! Do you agree?

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