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Top 5 Fairy Tale Princesses We All Love

Who doesn’t love fairy tales? You don’t need to be a young teen girl to like them. Adults equally love fairy tales, men and women! The most adored characters are the princesses. The princesses were the protagonists of these fairy tales. Why does everyone love princesses? We will find out soon. Here are the top 5 best dressed and loved princesses. Read on to get into fairy land…

Snow White
Snow White, from the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is one of the most favorite and most cherished fairy tales. Snow White was always well dressed in her long flowy and bouncy gown with a bright chrome yellow bottom and rich cobalt blue puffy sleeved blouse, a red cape and a cute tiara headband. Her dwarfs were equally cute!

Cinderella is the ultimate fairy tale, especially loved by girls. The transformation of Cinderella from a simple plain Jane to a princess wooed by the prince himself was something that made Cinderella a craze, and it is even today with young girls. Cinderella’s makeover at the end of the story was a refreshing change, her bouncy flare gown, her pretty hairs with a tiara headband and her wonderful tall heels.

Elsa from the 2013 movie Frozen was a sensation, a craze! The market was filled with Elsa dresses, Elsa gloves and tiara headbands. Elsa was a dream character, made even more beautiful, suave and charismatic by the incredible graphics in the main commercial move Frozen. Elsa dresses and Elsa gloves can be found even today as the demand for these class fairy tales rarely souvenirs die!

Aurora in the Sleeping Beauty was a character every girl would want to be. Kissed out of sleep by her handsome prince charming made her a hit amongst women, young and old. She wore simple clothes that became more elegant as she met her prince. Who doesn’t want to be Aurora?

Yes, we know her by her flowy long hair. Rapunzel was a sweet little tale of Rapunzel, a beautiful girl with long locks which was craving to get out of the long tower she was housed in Rapunzel looked gorgeous with her vibrant gowns and luscious hair.
The looks, the charm, the powers, the magic, and of course, the dresses are what make these princesses irresistible to everyone. Children and even adults love the dresses donned by these fairy tales princesses, especially Elsa dresses and Elsa gloves that currently are a frenzy amongst children!

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